Saint Annes Drive, Fayetteville, PA

6740 Saint Annes Drive, Fayetteville, PA

Among the design elements incorporated are:

  • Superior wall foundation;Panels poured at 5000 psi; No foundation leaks
  • Metal roof for decades of reliability
  • Structural insulated panel enclosure for walls; R value is R-32
  • Radiant floors throughout; put the heat where you live; 5 zones
  • HRV backup heating and air circulation
  • Air conditioning is 4 zones for efficiency
  • 8.895 Kw solar array
  • Cement board siding for added insulation and sound proofing
  • Oversized gutters to accommodate water off metal roof
  • Electrical bills $7.44 per month from April through September; min distribution charge
  • Mother Nature heats and cools the house for most of 8 months
  • Kitchen and cabinetry is from Kitchens by Graber of Fort Wayne Indiana
  • High end finishes including granite counter tops throughout
  • Warm water from the garage to wash the car
  • Pantry for storage off the kitchen
  • Laundry room off the kitchen for convenient clothes washing
  • Built in ironing board in the laundry room
  • Whirlpool tub in master bathroom
  • Velux windows with shades in kitchen and master bedroom
  • The radiant fins in the floor are screwed to the subfloor to maintain efficiency
  • Ceiling fans throughout for air circulation
  • Awning windows to vent summer heat in the great room
  • Electrical outlet to provide water 12 months in a bird bath for bird lovers
  • Electrical outlet in the garage and Porte ca Cher for charging an EV vehicle
  • Landscape design and installation by Cumberland Valley Tree Service
  • Sprinkler system is 11 zone system with A B C control times
  • List of contractors for maintenance needs
  • Drawings available for house and landscape

The heating system selected was radiant floor heat with a gas fired boiler. All 3 floors of the home have radiant floor heat. An HRV system provides for air circulation as well as short term heating needs. Since Pennsylvania has primarily a heating system climate, a 4 zone air conditioning system was part of the design to provide for considerable flexibility when air conditioning is needed during some summer months. There is no attic in a timber frame. To maximize energy efficiency, several layers of foam are part of the roofing system design along with a standing seam light commercial grade metal roof.

An 8.895 Kw solar array is bolted to the standing seams using S-5 clip so that air flow can help to cool the panels in summer months. The array is tilted at Latitude to maximize performance. The array provides approximately 10,860 Kw/hr of energy on an annual basis to the house. Electrical bills are currently less than $200 per year and that case is more than offset by the solar energy credits (SRECs) generated by the array. The metal roof will provide decades of reliable service before requiring any maintenance.

Ceiling fans throughout coupled with the passive solar design elements let Mother Nature heat and cool this home 6 or 7 months out of the year. Enjoy year round comfort outside on a North side porch shielded from the sun.

Maintain the landscaping, plants, and flowers with an 11 zone sprinkler system programmed to water at night to reduce evaporation. The controller can be programmed for a flexible watering schedule, should the need arise. Each zone has 4 or 5 heads with a spacing of 20 feet between heads so that each head provides about 1 foot of sprinkler overlap between heads.

Design elements allow for easy operation of all the systems in the house. Casement windows along with awning windows allow for flexible ventilation. Passive solar heating  during the winter months typically provides 3 to 6 degrees of heating on winter days. The roof overhangs of 18 inches shield the inside of the house from sun in the summer.

A timber frame home wrapped in structural insulated panels offers superior energy efficiency because of the solid foam insulation that the panels offer. The panels typically offer 3x the insulation value of a standard 2×6 wall. Coupled with passive solar design principles, it offers a truly green design that brings lasting value in the lower energy costs. SIPs also produce a very quiet home because of the insulating value. Walk on warm floors with a radiant floor heating system that puts the heat where you live. It is a heating system designed for energy efficiency as well as comfort.

A standing seam metal roof is the ideal roof for a solar PV array since the panels are clipped to the seams and require no roof penetrations. The solar panels sit raised from the roof so that air flow can help cool the PV panels. The roof itself is expected to have a life of 100 or more years.

  • Home Size 4,840 Approx. Sq/Ft
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Bathrooms 2 Half 2 Half
  • Garage Oversized 2 car
  • Lot Size .45 Acres
  • Year Built 2005
  • Fireplaces 1 Gas
  • Deck
  • MLS ID: FL9965772
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Saint Annes Drive, Fayetteville, PA